Little Darlings Handmade Natural Soaps

$ 3.00

Little Darling Soaps are DETERGENT FREE and low sweat. They contain Buttermilk which is high in triglycerides making it an excellent natural moisturizer.

This soap also contain OATMEAL thought to pamper dry skin, CALENDULA EXTRACT thought to be moisturizing and sooth delicate skin, and REAL NATURAL HONEY thought to be very high in natural antioxidants with potential anti-microbial benefits. It is traditional soap that does not contain paraben. It has excellent skin performance with 100% of the lather produced from saponification of natural oils.


Rose Pink

Simply Rose!

Empire Lite Green

Masculinity abound - bergamot, mandarin,fresh mint,clary sage, musk, wood and tonka bean

Mint Green

Fresh and Simple Peppermint

Lavender Lavender

The tried and true aroma of Lavender

Fresh Herbs White The scent of fresh cut flowering herbs
Smooth Amaretto Pale Pink Delicious milk chocolate enhanced with rich, nutty shot of Amaretto
Draper Blue An enticing blend of bergamot and war creamy sandalwood with rich musk
Penny Rose Salmon Simplicity of daisies, gardenia and lemongrass
Little Angel Yellow A soft and caring blend of lemon, jasmine, vanilla and lily