Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth: How-To Tips

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An easy guide book for using a safer alternative, natural mineral, Food Grade Insecticide: for homes, gardens, animal, birds, grains, farms, crops, orchards, buildings & enviroment.

From the Author

From The Introduction

Toxic chemicals have reigned over the pesticide industry for more than a half-century with their products dominating retail shelves, in homes and literally everywhere, amounting to a multi-billion dollar a year industry for the chemical manufacturers. It's interesting to note that more than $1 billion per year is spent on just fleas and ticks alone, and still people complain these products do not work as bugs develop resistance to them.

Who can use this book? This practical guide for using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is not only for consumers but also for health practitioners who prefer to guide their clients to focus on natural least-toxic alternatives to chemical pesticides. These how-to tips benefit a broad cross-section of the community: the unborn fetus, children, pregnant and lactating women, home owners, gardeners, pet owners, bird keepers; animal breeders; boarding kennel operators; veterinarians, and farmers. DE is used for cows, horses, alpachas, goats, pigs, sheep, poultry, ostriches, crops and orchards, granary and storage operators for nuts, grains, seeds, legumes, grain growers, pest control operators for schools, playgrounds parks, city and county public facilities including sewers, medical and food handling facilities, warehouses, factories, retirement and convalescent homes, hotels, and agricultural fairs.