I have been using diatomaceous earth from How I Healed Myself for several months.  I have already noticed improvement in my fingernails and toenails.  I started with a teaspoon once  a day and am now taking a tablespoon day.  All four of my dogs are also taking diatomaceous earth.  We started giving it to the dogs to eliminate parasite and continue to give it to them for overall good  health.  Becky P.  7/11/2014
Hello, the sole therapy is fantastic!  I have more energy and way more alertness.  It is like my electrical circuit is connected and complete.    Moora A.  3/02/14
Howihealedmyself.org is my new favorite site.  There is so many simple, easy, inexpensive & different approaches to truly changing your health & well-being around.  I am using the Magnesium Chloride for two weeks and am sleeping like a baby.  You forget how good you slept when you were young. I am going to try the Himalayan salt products next.  Clarence F. 11/03/2013
Himalayan salt is incredible, never use regular salt again!  It feels like poison once you use the Himalayan salt, unpolluted, all natural and tons of minerals, your body will know the difference.  Emily R.  6/22/2104
I have been looking for shoes that do not cut off the earth energy, then I found the Groundals at Howihealedmyself.org.  They are amazing, my feet feel wonderful, like they are part of my body and the planet.  They never hurt anymore, amazing!  Laura F.  5/22/2014