My Story


A message from HIHM founder, Laura Peppard:


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This is my own story; maybe some of it is your story also. 

 Since I can remember my body did not work or feel as good as I knew it could. My body had real pain; back pain, intestinal discomfort, dental problems, aches, and stiffness.  Basically, I did not have enough energy to do what I needed to do in life, much less energy to do what I wanted to do.  I was constantly working to fix me.  Diets of all sorts, what to or not to eat, how to eat, when to eat, supplements, yoga, walking, swimming, martial arts.

 I felt like I had tried it all.  I was lost in a maze of information and dis-information.  Something or another would work for me a bit then I would revert to my old familiar problems.   

 This condition led to mental distortion and emotional stress, I secretly, behind the scenes of my life, became desperate to figure out why this was so difficult. Why wasn’t my body my friend?  Why was it entrenched in pain?  Why was my body a problem?  Why was my body not up to creating the dreams and visions of my soul?  This did not seem as it should be.

 Not being able to afford “normal” medical treatment (another story and probably a good thing) and running my own business with downtime not a possibility I had to figure this out myself.

 Were these problems originating from a spiritual source or mechanical physical malfunction, maybe the Big Guy was testing me by torturing me!   Alongside researching and becoming somewhat knowledgeable of how the body works on a physical level, I also began a journey of spiritual opening. 

 Eventually my vigilance was rewarded.  The veil became more transparent and the answers fell into place.  Today I am not perfect but I feel really good and have the kind of energy and strength that is needed for survival and the spiritual will to continually work toward creating my dreams.  Aging seems an adventure not a curse.

 I would like to share my healing story with you.

 First you have to do your spiritual work, simple but not always easy.  Be willing to face your own lies to yourself and others.  Take responsibility for what you are creating, what is happening to you is because of you.  Learn energy awareness and energy tools to be able to take care of yourself on that level.  Nothing will work if you are not right with yourself.  But this is not enough!   You also have to give the body the tools it needs to be able to work with to maintain and channel you, the soul.

 The body is not separate from you, but it is not the same as you.  The difference is that the body operates in a different medium.  Its language, its building blocks, is of physical elements.   It is pre-wired by genetic programming from all the history of physical forms on this planet.   There are universal laws of nature that apply and must be respected.  The system was designed to work and it does almost effortlessly.  When the laws of nature are followed. 

 Today we live in a world where lies are touted as truth and the truth is labeled as crazy or dangerous.  The competition and collusion of the ultra rich and powerful which at first seemed too ludicrous for words is now a prevailing reality.  We have lost our bearings and are having our very humanity stolen from us.  The humanness our ancestors’ fought so hard to develop is becoming lost, replaced by a hypnotized robotic being that would not be recognized by those specimens of mankind of just a couple of generations ago.  

 Learn how to communicate with your body so it can lead you to your own personal healing path.  There is an innate wisdom and magic in the relationship between you, body and spirit.  You are designed to succeed.  How do you re-establish that connection that has been compromised or forgotten from the dis-information and  hypnotic programming that leads you away from our own information, that which works for you and leads you to the state of wellness that you were designed for.

 The body first of all requires what has been provided, clean air, good water, deep sleep, sunshine, truly nutritious food from rich soil.  It requires a sane emotional and spiritual environment.  The body is designed to be able to surmount challenges, but it cannot be continually be assaulted from multiple onslaughts.  A child who eats food not produced by nature, drinking water from plastic, vaccinated beyond belief with poisons that destroy the delicate balance of how the immune system works, living in electrical fields that there is no genetic information to handle, body and mind treated with drugs before he/she can come to know his/her own spiritual answers.

 My answer to physical wellness hinged on the simplest and inexpensive gifts of ancient nature.  The body is designed to walk, not run or other intense venues.  More is not better, you just have to walk.  It makes the body work right.  Find a good source of water (not so easy but demand it).  Grow a garden and buy only organic, this is not a luxury it is survival.  Twenty years ago it was only pesticides, the body could deal with these relative to the challenges of GMO’s.   Learn to use common sense and autonomy when dealing with the medical “establishment”, or any establishment.

 When you connect with your own information, the answers you need in your life come to you.  These are the simple miracles that helped me. 

 Laura Peppard is the director and founder of the Reno Psychic Institute which offers meditation classes and clairvoyant training.  She is a spiritual aura reader and energy healer.  To book an appointment with Laura call 775 324-2872 or  The Reno Psychic Institute offers a free Energy Healing Clinic every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Laura is also the owner of the Mystic Rose Gift Shop featuring gifts from many spiritual traditions as well as natural cutting edge healing products such as food grade Diatomaceous Earth, Magnesium Chloride from the ancient Zechstein Seabed, Himalayan salt products, aromatherapy oils and Tropical Traditions coconut oil.