About Us


How I Healed Myself is where spiritual wellness and physical wellness meet.  We are a spiritual being in a physical body and both of these parts of you are on a path to healing.  In the year 2000 in Reno, NV the Mystic Rose Gift Shop was born, offering items for ones' spiritual journey and soon became a local landmark and sanctuary for the spiritually aware. It soon became evident that physical wellness was part of the journey. 

Simple and affordable really natural health products based in ancient wisdom that reset the bodies' memory to heal itself was added to the Mystic Rose. These were discovered through the healing journey of Laura Peppard, founder of the Mystic Rose and spiritual healer/teacher.

The products offered through "How I Healed Myself" are organic and exceptionally profound: Himalayan salt, Diatomaceous Earth, raw Coconut Oil and Transdermal Magnesium Chloride. The Mystic Rose, physically located at 20 Hillcrest Dr in Reno, NV is also the home of the online store, www.mysticrosegftshop.com for the past six years and now also www.howihealedmyself.org