Magnesium Chloride Massage Oil

$ 27.00

Emollient Apricot Oil annointed with Pure Essential Oils rides atop pure Magnesium Chloride. Shake well to form a rich lather and squirt into palm, apply to any muscle groups of the body. This is a very potent form of Magnesium Chloride that is absorbed by the skin directly to the blood, be sure to use it often, and take it to your massage therapist for a blissfull treat. Perfect for after the shower or bath because it does not leave the film that the pure Magnesium does, and it is gently moisturizing on the skin.


Ingredients: Cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Magnesium Chloride from the Zechstein Sea, Pure Essential Oils to stimulate blood flow to the muscles, sinus opening: Cypress, Eucalyptus Radiata, Bergamont, Cedarwood.