Himalayan Bath Salt

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Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits



Himalayan bath salts have long been known for their detoxifying, purifying and healing properties. Taking a Himalayan salt bath, also known as a sole (so-lay) bath, is a very rejuvenating experience for the mind and body. Through absorption, your body will rebalance its energy, replace electrolytes and purge heavy metals.
As the name would indicate, Himalayan salts are extracted from deep within the Himalayan Mountains. Millions of years ago, an ocean existed where the mountains now stand. The sun dried up the ocean leaving only salt behind. The Himalayan Mountains formed on top of this vast bed of salt which turned to crystalline. The mountains have served to protect the salt from the pollutants found in today's ocean salts. Therefore, once extracted, Himalayan salts need no processing that would lead to changing the beneficial chemical make-up of the salt or adding toxins to the salt.

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